Scholar-Activist, Organic Intellectual

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John Asimakopoulos, Ph.D., is Full Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York and executive director of the Transformative Studies Institute (TSI), an educational think tank. He has advanced degrees in and has taught sociology, political science, and economics resulting in a unique interdisciplinary perspective. His students include undergraduates and graduates from diverse ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds who honor him for over 20 years with the highest teaching evaluations. His research is focused on social movements, critical theory, and international political economy. Asimakopoulos is author of Social Structures of Direct Democracy (Brill/Haymarket Books), The Accumulation of Freedom (AK Press) and Revolt!  (TSI Press). He has published many journal articles, book chapters, and is editor in chief of Theory in Action, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal focusing on scholar-activism. He is currently working with his colleagues at TSI to establish a new free and progressive university for working class students operated by scholar-activists. For more resources and information, readers are encouraged to visit TSI’s website at:

From Dr. Asimakopoulos:
According to Antonio Gramsci, there are organic intellectuals born within every class including the working class. I am such a person. As the son of Greek landless farmers, I witnessed injustice and exploitation from an early age. My father George, who is hard of hearing, and my mother Georgia, who is blind in one eye, were given only a third-grade education. Both worked on farms and in factories never doing any intellectual activity. As the child of the oppressed, I have dedicated my life to justice for my people.